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biodynamic craniosacral therapy


Our bodies will tell us how to heal, there are many paths to listening. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle way to listen to the body’s messages about how to work with experiences being held in the body, engaging the body’s innate intelligence that creates profound paths to healing.

Therapists are trained in a comprehensive and clear, rigourous yet gentle approach to listen to the body and facilitate healing. The body will guide us to where stress or trauma has become constriction, inflammation, hypervigilance and/ or fatigue. It will instruct us how to realign and repattern to cultivate more energy and ease in our body and lives.

High levels of stress, common in our contemporary everyday lives, are governed by the sympathetic (fight or flight) aspect of our Autonomic nervous system. By working with the fluid that connects the brain and spinal cord, the parasympathetic (rest and digest) aspect of the Autonomic nervous system is activated. This allows the body to unwind tension in the nervous system, muscles, bones, tissues and fluids. This reduces stress hormones (cortisol), which can lead to fewer feelings of anxiety, despair and irritability and increase connections to feelings of relief, confidence and joy. As physical tension and inflammation decreases, intense physical sensations can subside and sensations of release and rejuvenation may emerge.


Each session begins with a conversation to assess what you are experiencing in your body- pain points and places of ease, energy levels, emotions and events unfolding in your life.  During your first session we will review major life events- your body’s natural capacities and abilities, injuries, traumas, compensation patterns and healing work that will inform your care. The rhythm of the craniosacral fluid will tell us more about the Inherent Treatment Plan that will unfold during our session.

You will be invited to settle onto the massage table or, if you prefer, in a chair fully clothed.  Once you indicate you are ready, I will make gentle contact beginning with your feet.  Throughout the session, I will use subtle forms of contact with your cranium, the length of your spine, sacrum and feet, as well as joints that need attention in the shoulders, knees, and ankles.  I will check in with you at multiple points to ensure you are comfortable with the placement and pressure of contact and your are free to communicate throughout the session with feedback. To the degree silence is possible, it can allow for the work to organically deepen.   

During our time together, I will both bear witness to your body’s ability to direct its own healing and to facilitate its ability to reconnect with its own intelligence and healing potential. During the session, you may experience moving between waking, sleeping, remembering, dreaming and meditation-like states. Sensations of warmth, expansion and or release may arise.  Using the breathe to remain present with the sensations will support the craniosacral fluid’s ability to re-pattern and re-align the body. People often experience a profound sense of calm after a single session and it is important, when possible, to make time afterwards to be gentle with yourself as you re-integrate into our fast-paced, over-stimulated, hyper-connected world.

potential healing

  • Relaxation of body tension and patterns of constriction

  • Structural re-alignment

  • Calming of the central and peripheral nervous system

  • Making space for difficult emotions to arise and be released

  • Balancing the connections between being grounded, centered and uplifted

  • Gently healing sites of trauma, birth patterns or injuries and opening up the opportunity for them to become places of creative resilience

  • Improved quality and regularity of sleep

  • A greater sense of space, strength, energy and ease in the body

  • Fewer digestive upsets

  • Fuller, smoother, slower and more expansive breathing

  • Harmonizing of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies