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Vancouver, BC


Ada D.

Sid is an excellent, highly skilled and highly effective massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, and healer. Sid is a trauma-informed practitioner and made me feel very comfortable and safe during our sessions. As a brown, fat, and queer person, finding practitioner with a justice-based lens on bodywork is a challenge and I love that Sid consistently steps up to the plate. Sid is knowledgeable about how mind, body, and spirit interact, and has made space for me to explore both bio-physical aspects of treatment that are grounded in scientific research, while simultaneously integrating psycho-emotional/spiritual aspects through the body. I would highly recommend Sid to anyone looking to work with a gifted healer.

Cylia w. 

I have been attending Sid’s morning yoga classes for several years now.  With their experience and knowledge of the body and yoga, they easily adapts their class to suit my needs. When I have been injured or need special attention in my shoulders or hips I can rely on Sid to incorporate moves which focus on those target areas. I appreciate their clear and concise instruction while providing a safe practice with breath work and proper body alignment. They is a delightful teacher and I really benefit from my time with them.  Thank you Sid.

TOni L.

Sid has a wonderful, multidisciplinary healing practice.  I have been to them for both cranial-sacral work, and pre-natal massage work.  They are very conscious of making their practice accessible to many people. They are dedicated to life-long learning and accommodated me in my very pregnant state were able to offer me a wonderful relaxation massage.  I would definitely recommend Sid!

Michelle V.

Sid has an amazing ability to incorporate areas you would like to work on into the Yoga class and come up with new ways to stretch different muscles. Sid also explains in a clear and personal way how the body works and how to make sure you are doing a position the best way possible. In every class, Sid makes everyone feel included and respected. For example, Sid says you can close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so and to not judge but be aware of how your body feels.  As well, Sid thanks the people who's yoga's path we are following, and thanks the land we are using from the Coast Salish who have attended and continue to attend to this land. Plus they has a soothing voice! I always feel better after their class. Sid has made the yoga class feel like a community, a family of friends, that I really cherish and feel lucky to be part of.

I've also seen Sid for craniosacral work various times, each time I felt very comfortable and felt they really helped with my issues. Sid listened well and helped me find ways to work on my issues in a completely non judgemental and respectful way.

I would highly recommend Sid as a yoga instructor and massage instructor. 


Dia d.

Sid truly provides unique and valuable massage and craniosacral work. I don't often feel comfortable with people interacting with my body, but Sid clearly works very hard to foster a safer space for their clients- as a non-binary client I appreciated their use of gender-non-specific language when discussing my body.

Sid's approach reflects a commitment to working with my particular needs, focus and comfort levels. They consistently offered me the choice to hear what they were doing as they were working; this helped me to feel in control and grounded in my body. As someone with a history of body-related trauma, physical healing work can often be triggering and scary. Right from the beginning, and consistently throughout their work, Sid made space for my physical boundaries and  limitations and engaged in a process of active and informed consent when interacting with my body. This provided a strong foundation from which to build trust and rapport. 

Sid displays an intuitive approach to their healing work- they are knowledgeable without being attached to a specific course or outcome. Again, they followed my lead in terms of what I was looking for, needing and what I was capable of. 

Their suggestions for 'home care' were helpful, realistic and sustainable. 

I would certainly recommend Sid as a practitioner for folks looking for accessible, body-sensitive, informed and effective massage and cranio.


Becca p.


As a life long connoisseur of massages, I’m thrilled to refer people to Sid for bodywork. Their knowledge and skill of the human body as a system and network shines through in their explanations as well as their ability to effectively help my aches and pains. Sid creates a calm, healing space, listens to me and makes me feel comfortable & respected with what works and doesn’t work for my body. Everyone should have an opportunity to try Sid’s bodywork and craniosacral therapy! And some day I will make it to a yoga class:)