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Vancouver, BC

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Grounding Yoga in a Settler-Colonial Context as a White Practitioner

What are my classes like?

I teach Hatha and Restorative yoga with a focus on proper alignment, breath work and deep relaxation. During class you can expect to ease into your body in a gentle and focused way. We will take time to allow the breath to lead us into each pose, deepening the interconnection of breath and body. I create a space that is joyful, grounded and clear. 

moving towards ethical practice

Practicing yoga transformed my relationship with my body and shifted my way of being in the world in more joyful, focused and connected ways - that's not an uncommon experience. The practice has created a refuge for when I am overwhelmed, a place to cultivate discipline and equanimity in the face of challenges, a place to sit with discomfort when facing necessary but painful truths. One of those truths is that cultural appropriation is real, persistent and pervasive. Cultural appropriation is when individuals from one cultural group take, repackage and profit from another group's cultural practices.  

As a white settler on indigenous lands, I was not raised within Indian or Hindu culture which birthed, stewarded and evolved yoga. Thus, there are real limitations in my knowledge and practice. I continue to struggle with whether, as a white practitioner, I should even offer to facilitate yoga spaces or private yoga sessions.

For the time being, I acknowledge in all classes that these practices emerge from the Indian subcontinent and Hindu spiritual traditions. Both peoples on the Indian subcontinent and Turtle Island were and are deeply harmed by colonialism. I am working to understand how I can responsibly root the yoga practices I offer through a decolonial framework that centers love and actively works towards the union and liberation of all peoples.


I did my 500 hour yoga teacher certification at Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, and completed my Restorative yoga certification with Nevah EytonI have also trained in Laban and Bartenieff Fundamentals and studied movement with Helen Walkley and Donna RedlickI have been teaching yoga since 2010 at a variety of locations in Vancouver.


I currently teach at Unity Yoga in East Vancouver where I have offered classes for over five years. I teach a sunrise yoga from 7:00-8:00AM on Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

private sessions

I can offer private sessions in a private residence, or for a group. Please contact me to schedule a session.